Private / Corporate Event

What do I need for setup at a mobile event?

Nothing. We provide all the chocolate making tools and equipment. Further, there are no special layout requirements – we arrive at the venue of your choice and provide a full setup.

Is a party at my home messy?

Not with us – we have developed tricks and strategies to guarantee a mess free experience!

Are you nut free?

Yes. Please review our allergy awareness tab that is on this website. Ask about egg free, gluten free options as well!

How far in advance should I book a Chocolatier for my event?

The sooner the better! Two to three weeks notice is ideal.

When will your Chocolatier arrive for setup at my event?

Depending on the program; we will arrive 45 – 120 minutes early to take care of the full set-up.

How many people can attend an event?

We can accommodate small and large groups, from 10 to 5000.

Do you provide your services in my area?

Please review our service area map.

How much fridge/ freezer space is required for my event?

We use flat trays that require fridge or freezer space for the chocolate to set. The number of trays will depend on the size of your event (approximately 5 trays for 10 people). They are shallow and can easily rest on top of items. If you do not have the space, we can provide a freezer.

Will the participants need to be sitting or standing during the event?

The choice is up to you. The participants are welcome to stand or sit during the event depending on your resources (chairs) and preferences.

How will the participants take their chocolates home with them following the event?

Chocolate Tales provides elegant packaging for all participants to package their creations. We provide boxes, bags and decorative pieces to make everyone’s final product shine.

How early do I have to confirm final details and updates before the event?

You are welcome to send Chocolate Tales details and updates anytime before your event. Approximately one week before your event, you will receive an event detail confirmation email where you can overview details and updates with our staff. We would prefer confirmation sooner rather than later so we can have more time to prepare and accommodate any last minute changes.

What happens if more people show up to my event than previously confirmed? Will Chocolate Tales be able to accommodate?

Chocolate Tales will do their best to accommodate any last minute changes at an event. We always provide a buffer of supplies in case we have any last minute additions.

Are we allowed to take photos or videos during the event?

Chocolate Tales encourages photos and videos throughout our events! We would love for you to share your fun with your colleagues, friends and family.

How many Chocolatiers can I expect to attend my event?

The number of staff attending your event depends on the number of participants. More participants will require a larger number of staff from Chocolate Tales. 

Open Workshops

At what times/locations are you offering your workshops?

Workshop times and Workshop dates vary. We typically offer workshops at 3-6 locations at any given time- in Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington or Vaughan. Workshop times during the weekdays are typically in the evening. Workshop times on weekends are typically in the morning and afternoon. You can view our workshop calendar on the following link:

Does your chocolate have alcohol or do you use any alcohol in your workshops?

Our chocolate is completely alcohol free and we do not use any alcohol in our products.

Do you use any animal products in your workshops or events?

We use dairy products at our events and workshops. No other animal products are used excluding gelatin in our marshmallows. We can accommodate those with lactose intolerance, however, not those with dangerous dairy allergies. Notice of special dietary requirements must be made in advance.

Is your chocolate gluten free?

Our chocolate is gluten free. Our events and workshops can be gluten free if advance notice is given.

Chocolate Related

What is fair trade chocolate or rainforest alliance chocolate?

Most of us have heard about the Fair Trade Certified™ seal but the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal may not ring a bell. Both are international organizations committed to improving agricultural practices, protecting forestry and improving the lives of farmers in the developing world.

Chocolate Tales is proud to offer Rainforest Certified™ chocolates in our Costa Rican varieties!

What is tempering?

A process that makes sure (using fluctuating temperature) the chocolate is shiny and has a cracking noise when broken. Warm chocolate to 45c then to 27c (now all the crystals appear) and back up to 32c (all the unstable crystals disappear); make sure to mix vigorously all the time to make sure the crystals collide encouraging more crystals to appear.

What kind of chocolate are you using?

A Coverture – high content of cocoa butter – used for Creating Fine Chocolates (We use a chocolate from a company called “Belcolade” – this is a Belgian Brand that is nut free).

Is chocolate good for you?

Yes, research has shown that chocolate with more than 70% cocoa solids has antioxidants (helps prevent cancer) and can contribute to healthy heart, liver and vascular system. It’s also good for relieving the symptoms of a cough. It is said that it elevates the spirit by releasing serotonin in the brain.

Where does chocolate grow?

Anywhere and up to 20 degrees away from the Equator line around the world. (Best to stay below 16 degrees away)

What's better Belgian or Swiss chocolate?

We prefer Belgian for chocolate making; the Swiss are more focused on consumer chocolate and less on coverture (chocolate for chocolate making).

How long can chocolate last for?

If stored properly: Milk up to 1 year and Dark up to 18 months.

How much chocolate does a chocolate need to have in it?

To be called a chocolate you need to have at least 32% cocoa content.

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

Cacao is the plant and derivatives before processed and Cocoa is once it has already been processed.

How do I remove chocolate stains!?

Remove chocolate stains by dabbing rubbing alcohol or dry-cleaning solution on the stain and blotting it dry with a paper towel or clean rag.

If it’s a really tough stain, try blotting it with a solution of: 1 teaspoon dish washing liquid and 1 cup warm water, rinse and then use half cup of white vinegar and half a cup of warm water.

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